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Submission form of the online preliminary competition in India for World Cosplay Summit 2017 held in Japan is opened.

– Submission form :
– Deadline to submit : 6:00am, December 6th 2016 (Tue)
– Rule : It is mentioned in “World Cosplay Summit India 2017 Regulation” (

What is WCS and WCS India ?

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What is World Cosplay Summit ?

World Cosplay Summit (WCS) is one of the largest global annual cosplay festival held in Nagoya, Japan. “Cosplay”, a contraction of the words costume play, is a performance art in which participants called “cosplayers” wear costumes and fashion accessories to represent a specific character. WCS began as a weekend event in 2003. Its purpose is to create a platform for friendly exchange between cosplayers from all over the world. WCS is a remarkable event dedicated solely to cosplays of Japanese origin, be it games, anime or manga.
Cosplayers from 30 countries and regions were invited to World Cosplay Summit 2016, held on August 2016 in the Holy Land of Cosplay, Nagoya, Japan. Each of the participating countries have regional competitions to determine their best team consists of two cosplayers to represent them. WCS 2016 was the first time for India to participate in the summit. Indian representative team was judged and selected at the competition held on June 12th 2016 at Mumbai university co-organized by Teachers Association of Japanese, Mumbai.

Team Indonesia, the winner of Championship 2016
Representatives will display their best performance on stage at the World Cosplay Championship in a bid for global recognition. The Championship judges not only the quality of the participants’ costumes, but also the art direction and overall performance. It is the ultimate World Championship of Cosplay.

Nishiki-Dori red carpet parade
In addition to the Championship, there are many attracting events in World Cosplay Summit. An impressive cosplay parades (Osu market cosplay parade and Nishiki-Dori red carpet parade), Cosplay parties, karaoke competitions, cosplay photo taking event in Laguna Tem Boch and Meijimura museum, media events and so on. Manga, anime, computer and vintage fashion stores conglomerate in a small area that is paradise for the Cosplayer. WCS 2017 will be held from 29th July to 6th August. Have a look at their official site for more details, previous participants and schedules.

What is World Cosplay Summit India?

WCS India 2016 The Final Competition in Mumbai
World Cosplay Summit India is whole set of activity to chose the representative team of India and support their activity at WCS in Japan. It is organized by non profit project team, World Cosplay Summit India Executive Committee, including the organizer of the final preliminary competition in India. The representative team will not only represent India in the final championship, but also will also be part of its other events, will get to meet top cosplayers from around the world and get to exchange friendships promoting the cosplay culture, will be taken on a short tour in Japan and enjoy Japanese cultural experience and will be expected to work as like evangelist to promote cultural exchange India and Japan more.
WCS preliminary competitions in India proceed in two stages, (1) local preliminary competitions & online preliminary competition, and (2) the final preliminary competition. The winners of local competitions and online competition can participate in the final competition. As India is huge and diverse country, local preliminary competitions should be held in places as many as possible, and place of the final competition should be changed every year. As for WCS India 2017, the final competition will be held on 30th December 2016 at Fantasy Realm 2016, 5th Annual Anime Cosplay Con Mizoram, organized by Project Z.E.R.O.
If you were interested in participating in WCS, please check “How to apply in India for WCS 2017” :
We’re also looking for interested sponsors, supporters and organizers of local preliminary competition for WCS India. For details about the competition, sponsorship and how to apply see the following sites in “Reference”. Feel free to send a message for any enquiries.

Organization for WCS India 2017




Information about off-line local preliminary competitions will be updated HERE


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